How To Survive Being A Hangover At Work

So you can’t believe the festive season has begun but the with the nature of your job you still can’t go on a break until two more weeks elapse and your friends partying daily and you can’t resist the urge to join them for some few hours. But you have to be at work by 7 and you need to push through the day without your harsh boss and the snitch colleague notices you look too tired. Well, i am here to help because I have been in such a position at some point. Here is how to survive being a hangover at work;

Take water between your drinks

Hydration is the key factor to beating your hangover. Hydrate before you start drinking; hydrate between and after drinking and hydrate some more in the morning before you live for work. It doesn’t stop there, keep drinking water at work and people will hardly notice you are dying to sink in your bed after work.

Put everything together before you live for work

Brush your teeth immediately you wake up, this will magically change the intensity of your hangover. Take painkillers and shower. Then take breakfast before you leave, never go to the office with an empty stomach with or without a hangover. You need the energy a lot. Boost the energy production in your body by taking some energy supplements that will see your energy at its peak all day long. Learn what you need to enhance your body’s energy production; here's the page.

Dress up well

Let your appearance fool them that all is well when you actually feel like hell in your cubicle. Dress up, tie up your shoelaces, match your socks, and wear your tie right and look at your best. A hangover can be spotted from a distance by simply the way he/she has dressed so don’t let your dress code betray your little secret.

Sleep, you can’t party all week!

Well, you can party all week but not with working at daytime too, you will mess things up real bad. Some days just switch off your phone and shut the door tight so that your friends can’t convince you otherwise. At least alternate your party days and sleep days to avoid getting fatigued. After all soon you will also be on a break and you will join the party on a full blast. Until then, take some rests because you need it.